Halloween is once again upon us. It’s that time of year when grown adults dress up as monsters, superheroes, and celebrities … and proceed to get very drunk. This is something I’ve never understood. When anyone drinks too much, what happens? We do things and say things we later regret. Now people want to add a costume to it all? Nothing like saying “I’m sorry” the next morning with zombie blood still dripping from your mouth. I guess it looks extra remorseful.

It seems like Halloween gives everyone not just an excuse to get drunk but an obligation. Even people who don’t drink much throughout the year somehow feel like they have to on Halloween. Like the costume overrides everything. “Well, I don’t normally do Jameson shots, but well…I am a Blue M & M. So I guess I’ll do 27.”

Some people argue that with social media being so powerful, Halloween is a perfect time to overdrink. If you’re going to get caught on video doing something stupid, it’s best to make any and all evidence inadmissible. “That’s not me punching the bartender, Your Honor. That’s a Ninja Turtle. I’m just a yellow belt.”

All that being said, have fun this weekend and be careful. But remember, the less hungover you are on November 1, the more hilarious all those youtube clips from the night before will be.

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