During the NRA convention a Texas man purchased a lifetime NRA membership for his 3 year granddaughter, making her the group’s youngest member ever. But ironically, the oldest member with a tricycle gun rack.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has filed a lawsuit against his former fiancée demanding the return of the 785,000-dollar engagement ring he gave her. The Buffalo Bills: where getting a ring requires a lawsuit.

PETA is upset over a new online video in which New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was speaking to a group of school children in his office, killed a spider on his desk. In the Governor’s defense, he thought it was Snooki.

A teacher in New York State has been wearing the same outfit to school everyday for the past year as a statement against bullying. Because if it’s one thing bullies respect, it’s severe OCD.

Queen Elizabeth this week began scaling back some of her royal duties and will have Prince Charles and his son William assume more of the responsibilities. Asked what exactly she’ll do, the Queen replied, “My hilarious one-liners don’t tweet themselves!”

An 83 year-old nun who entered a secure nuclear facility as part of a peace protest is facing 20 years in prison. Or if she pleads guilty, 10 hard ruler slaps to the hand.

Urban Outfitters is being accused of glamorizing prescription drug abuse by selling shot glasses that resemble pill bottles. Even worse, you should see where the mannequins wear their belts. [photo: heroin user mannequin]

New York City taxi cabs will now feature trivia games for riders that ask questions about taxis, including the impossible stumper “Seriously, what’s that smell?”

A new poll shows that Americans trust Judge Judy more than any member of the Supreme Court. To be fair, most Americans thought Judge Judy was the Supreme Court.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said this week that he recently underwent gastric lap band surgery to improve his health and that is had nothing to do with future political goals, such as running for president in 2016. In fact, he took those speculations…and promptly ate them.

A new report lists the Democratic Republic of Congo as the toughest country in the world to be a mother. The easiest country: the Democratic Republic of Margaritas.

French researchers are saying that a man is 17 percent more likely to get a woman’s phone number if he is carrying a guitar. Because in France, there’s no such thing as a subway Mariachi band.