Many experts say that Super Bowl ads are way over-hyped for what they actually deliver. Which is why they’re now called the “Tim Tebow of advertising”.

Seven NFL coaches (almost one-fourth) were fired at the end of the season because they didn’t deliver. Causing many fans to lobby for NFL owners to manage Congress.

A new study shows that most Americans want to see more work done in Washington. But not so much work done that Capitol Hill resembles Nancy Pelosi’s face. We don’t want to scare the tourists.

Anthony Weiner reportedly has a part-time job. I bet he’s delivering packages.

President Obama’s choice for Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, is being criticized because his autograph that will don US currency is just a series of loops. Great, now our dollar bill with the giant eyeball in the pyramid is going to look weird.

Texas Highway 130 is now open and has an 85 mph speed limit. It used to be controversial until someone pointed out that it was the fastest way to chase out Tony Romo.

In an effort to boost tourism, a small town in Serbia is advertising that a vampire lives there. But conspiracy theorists believe it’s just a clever ploy by America to lure Kristen Stewart out of the country.

Authorities believe that drug traffickers are growing marijuana in our national forests. They first grew suspicious when instead of begging for food, bears were playing bongos and selling beaded jewelry.

The world’s longest high-speed rail line opened in China. Man, they really take this fast delivery thing to another level.

Makers of Monopoly are asking fans to eliminate one of their iconic game pieces. Apparently losing a piece somewhere under the couch or down a heating vent like normal people is beneath them.

Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, got a lot of attention during the National Championship game for being so attractive. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was standing so close to Notre Dame’s offense.

Major League Baseball will switch to wireless phones for calls to the bullpen. Place your bets on which team blows a save thanks to an accidental pocket dial. Hint: it’s the Mets.

CBS announced that 62 cameras will be used during the Super Bowl.  But 30 of them are Brent Musberger’s.