CNN Tuesday night used the lights on the Empire State Building as a meter to track how many votes each candidate was getting. Until someone pointed out that playing with your lights in New York this week is like playing with your food in Haiti.

At the height of the election results coverage Tuesday, ABC News studio lost power for about 20 minutes. When they came back on, Diane Sawyer declared they were just 2 electoral votes away from last call.

Former New York Representative Anthony Weiner on Wednesday posted his first message on Twitter since he resigned from office 18 months ago after tweeting lewd photos of himself. His followers were surprised he tweeted but not surprised that it said, “Take a look at my exit poll!”

After Vice President Biden voted on Tuesday, he hinted at his political future when he said that this would not be the last time he cast a vote for himself. At which point he logged onto FourSquare and said, “Say hello to the Mayor of IHOP!”

A ballot initiative in Oregon on Tuesday that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana failed at the polls. The final results were 20 percent against and 80 percent “Wait…what? That was on Tuesday?!?”

More than fifty wild elephants in India went on a rampage in a village after getting drunk from drinking containers full of moonshine. They were finally corralled at 2 AM when they got tired and went to White Castle.

A new study reveals that humans can smell fear and disgust. Unless they’re within 400 yards of an Abercrombie & Fitch.

Some people in Colorado are concerned that a new law in the state legalizing recreational use of marijuana will create a type of “drug tourism” in the state. Which in turn would create the only tourists who move slower than the ones in New York City.

A large number of ads are posting on Craigslist by people in New York and New Jersey willing to trade gas for sex. Because normally they get both the same way…through self serve.