President Obama on Monday denied that he was “spiking the football” by releasing campaign ads about the raid he ordered on Osama Bin Laden last year. But he did take bounty hunting tips from the New Orleans Saints.

A new report notes that a growing number of women are becoming top executives at the country’s largest defense companies such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, officially making it Def-Con 1 at Augusta National Golf Club.

Republicans are upset with a new internet ad from the Obama campaign that questions whether Mitt Romney would have aggressively pursued and killed Osama Bin Laden like President Obama did. They say Romney would have gone after Bin Laden himself…and then promptly bored him to death.

Discovery Channel recently filmed a new special in which they crashed an empty 747 in the desert to see exactly what happens during an airline disaster. To make sure it crashed effectively, it was manned by Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

A new report shows that boredom is the second most commonly hidden workplace emotion after anger. It should be noted that the only workers involved in this study were Secret Service agents.

The owner of a Florida motel, who is hoping to save his failing business, is turning it into the area’s first motel for nudists. His slogan is “We’ll leave a light on for…yaaah, maybe not.”

A man in Maine, who was hunting turkeys, made a bird call that was so realistic a coyote attacked him. Witnesses said the man’s turkey call needs work, but his roadrunner is perfect.

A new poll lists the New York Mets’ “Mr. Met” as the number one mascot in sports, followed by the Phillie Phanatic and the Chicago Bulls’ Benny the Bull. The worst mascot in sports: Anybody who tries to start the wave.

Florida police arrested a man after photos were discovered on his phone of him allegedly having sex with his girlfriend’s dog. Even more bizarre…it was the missionary position.

A new survey shows that a growing number of teenagers are using marijuana with 1 in 10 smoking at least 20 or more times a month. Although by the looks of things, a whole lot more have the munchies.