After his three primary losses Tuesday, Rick Santorum told supporters that the Republican primary contest has only reached halftime. Which is exactly what a team wants to hear when they’re down by 54 touchdowns.

This Sunday is Easter. Americans plan to celebrate by frantically searching for their nest eggs.

Federal officials on Monday raided San Francisco’s Oaksterdam University, which is a medical marijuana training school, by using a Doritos truck as a Trojan Horse.

President Obama on Tuesday officially locked up the Democratic nomination, disappointing those who drew Kucinich in the office pool.

Officials in Saudi Arabia are considering letting girls play sports at school. Except golf, since they really don’t like girls driving anything.

This past weekend the first-ever divorce expo was held in New York City to help make the process of divorce easier for people. It was the perfect fit, because if anyone needs to learn how to rebound, it’s the Knicks.

A Minnesota man, whose face is covered in tattoos and legally changed his name to “The Scary Guy,” is now speaking at local schools to help stop bullying, which he described as “The second most dependable way to not get hired.”

TLC this month will start filming a new reality series called “Breaking Amish,” in which five Amish people move to New York City, and then apparently learn to breakdance.

According to a new survey Wegmans and Trader Joe’s are the nation’s favorite supermarket chains. The least favorite chain: Ed’s Pink Slime Palace.