Police in New York are searching for a bald man who stole Rogaine from a local pharmacy. They’re calling the sketch composite the “before” picture.

A pastor from Virginia has created a new diet called “Bod4God,” in which he urges people to lose weight for Jesus. It’s the best plan yet to encourage people to follow Buddha.

Mitt Romney on Tuesday decisively won the Florida primary beating Newt Gingrich 47 percent to 32 percent. Ron Paul got 7 percent, but those voters thought he was the Six Flags guy.

A new Facebook app has been created that allows users to post their political views on digital billboards in Times Square. Because there’s no way they’ll be drowned out there!

Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that the results of the Florida primary make “clear” that it will now be a “two-person race” for the Republican nomination. That is, unless everyone’s cool with making it “open”.

According to the US Agricultural Department, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day of the year after Thanksgiving. Coming in a very close third…every other day of the year.

Two exotic dancers in a town in Italy are running for mayor of the town and are staging a pole-dancing face-off. Finally, someone in Europe with a sound economic plan.

This Wednesday marked the first Change Your Password Day, in which people were encouraged to change the passwords on their computer accounts. In a related story, this Thursday was the first I Forgot My New Password Day.

In an interview this week Newt Gingrich said that if a movie was made about his life he would want Brad Pitt to play him. He would call it “The Epitome of Range”.

Facebook on Wednesday filed for an Initial Public Offering of its stock that could be one of the largest in history. Even more historic: it will be the first IPO that comes with suggestions of other stocks to “like”.