Democrats on Monday released a new campaign video called “Mitt V. Mitt,” which calls Mitt Romney a “flip-flopper” and says he is “two men trapped in one body.” If you would like to see the video, we strongly advise that you do not google the phrase “two men trapped in one body”.

American Airlines on Tuesday filed for reorganization under Chapter 11. They actually filed in October, but all bankruptcy papers were accidentally checked to Phoenix.

While speaking at a college in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry mistakenly said that the voting age in the US is 21. In his defense, it’s logical to assume that given the choices every four years, most people have a few drinks before voting.

A British company has developed new video games that men can play at bathroom urinals by using their urination stream. They are the only games in which no matter how badly you play, you always finish number one.

A woman in Los Angeles turned herself in for pepper spraying video game shoppers on Black Friday. “Where does she get that violent streak?” asked everyone holding a copy of Modern Warfare 3.

According to a new report, the cost for all the items in The Twelve Days of Christmas is up 4 percent from last year to 101,000 dollars. It’s 101,009 dollars if you include tips for the nine ladies dancing.

The Hanson brothers, famous for their song “MMMbop,” announced this week that they are releasing a new beer called “MMMhop.” Using the same ratio as their CDs, 12-packs will include only one beer that’s decent.

A gun club in Arizona is inviting children to pose for pictures with Santa Claus holding their favorite high-powered rifle. The idea brings with it a new job for rookie elves: reindeer poop clean up.

A conservative group has launched a TV ad campaign in Iowa urging Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012. The group did not disclose if the ad was funded by unemployed comedy writers.

The New York City Transportation Department has launched a new campaign that uses haikus and artistic graphics on signs to promote street-crossing safety. The plan was launched after the failure of last year’s initiative: origami jay-walking tickets.