In a statement on her blog this week Kim Kardashian addressed her divorce saying “I married for love. I can’t believe I even have to defend this.” Now that she cleared that up, she can get back to defending why she’s famous.

Several pundits are questioning whether Rick Perry was drunk at a recent campaign rally in New Hampshire in which he laughed at his own jokes, went off on strange tangents, and praised New Hampshire as a “cool state” because of its motto. Perry had no comment but did unveil his new campaign slogan: “Seriously, I love you, man!”

Officials in New York City unveiled a new cab that features a ceiling that absorbs all odors. The next challenge…getting New York cabbies to sit on the ceiling.

A woman in New Mexico was arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend because she thought he was cheating at Monopoly. Even crazier: they were playing Battleship.

Scientists in China are saying that they have developed a method to make blood from rice. Don’t worry, China. I’m sure that freedom of speech thing is next on the bucket list.

Producers in France are planning to make a porn about Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the New York maid he was accused of sexually assaulting. Experts predict that at the end, she’ll get a big cash settlement on her face.

A woman in Ohio says that her 4 year-old granddaughter took a picture of two ghosts having sex in her living room. It answers the age-old question, “How can a child make the birds and bees talk with Gramma even more creepy?”

After a huge uproar from consumers, Bank of America announced Tuesday that is is abandoning its plan to charge customers a 5 dollar fee to use their debit cards for purchases. The bad news: there’s now a 10-dollar “bitching and complaining fee”.

Doctors in Israel have developed a new treatment for male impotence that involves electrically shocking the penis. Now when you hear a nursing home medic yell “Clear!”, it could mean something way more disturbing.

One of the hottest new toys in England this Christmas is expected to be the Doggie Doo game in which a mechanical dog drops plastic pieces of feces and children race to pick it up. What no one predicted, however: somewhere in the North Pole, a very confused Santa Claus is loading his sleigh with actual doggie doo.