New York passed a gay marriage bill, much to the chagrin of the religious right who say it’s immoral, and stand-up comedians who will now see three times the number of annoying bachelorette parties.

John McCain claimed that the wildfires in Arizona were probably started by illegal immigrants. But things got real controversial when he suggested changing the spokesmodel to Smokey the Drug Mule.

Sarah Palin registered a trademark on her name just when daughter Bristol is promoting her new book. So no matter how you spell it, the family loves to waste inc/ink.

The movie “Cars 2” opened in theatres. It stars a slew of vehicles who defected from the much weaker “Transformers” regime.

The FDA is now requiring disturbing photos on all packs of cigarettes. For example, at Wal-Mart, they have pictures of women getting promotions.

A conceptual artist in Florida spent Father’s Day giving his dad a 24-hour hug. Coincidentally, his dad broke the record for the most times you can say “Why couldn’t you major in econ?” in one day.

Keith Olbermann is back on the air, this time on tiny network Current TV. Execs at Current TV made the hire so they could officially have more staff members than viewers.

Twenty-two year old Rory McIlroy is already being compared to Tiger Woods. Which is a nice way of saying his next contract is a pre-nup.

A British woman was sent to jail for facebook messaging a defendant while on jury duty. Her fate was sealed when she pleaded guilty, and 12 people “liked” this.

A Massachusetts man who lost all seven of his cats in a tornado recovered them all alive and well. Until he turned on a vacuum cleaner. Now he’s back to square one.

A woman in Washington State drove her SUV into a lake because her GPS told her to. In a related story, her husband is trying desperately to imitate the voice on the GPS.