The 83rd Annual Academy Awards were held Sunday with the award for Best Picture going to “The King’s Speech”. Things got awkward when LeBron James thought he won for televising his decision.

After winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday, Melissa Leo’s acceptance speech was bleeped out after she used the F-word. Fans found it appropriate, however, since that’s the language most of them use when they hear how much tickets are.

“Unstoppable”, a movie about a runaway train on the brink of derailing, also created buzz. It didn’t win an Oscar, but it became apparent that Charlie Sheen wants to make a sequel.

Charlie Sheen on Tuesday started a Twitter account. Which means it’s finally possible to follow Charlie Sheen with a fake name and not be a porn star.

In an interview this week with 20/20, Charlie Sheen denies he has a substance abuse problem saying, “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.” Estimated street value: a full brick of Mel Gibson plus a few grams of Lohan.

Embattled Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy appeared on a Serbian TV station and denied there was any revolt in his country. Viewers were sure that at the end of the hour, they would see his Intervention.

The son of embattled Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy appeared on ABC News this week to say that reports of revolution in the country are just media hype. Marking the first time anyone has taken a potential government overthrow and equated it with Bieber Fever.

A man in Egypt has named his newborn daughter “Facebook” in honor of the role that social media played in overthrowing Hosni Mubarak. Congratulations, sir. Your daughter now gets to hide her shame through high school while students suggest that everyone “get on Facebook”.

A 24 year-old New York woman has started an online therapy practice in which she strips while her patients talk about their problems. Sessions last 50 minutes, or whenever the second song ends.

A new survey shows that more than half of American pets are obese. The situation is so serious, Morris the Cat is changing the name of his food to 4-1/2 Lives.