Looking for the perfect gift this year? We gotcha covered! There are now TWO available CDs, both of which are rated PG-13.

The most recent is “It’s Pronounced Jenkins”. This CD is a must-have for comedy lovers, and it features 4 BONUS TRACKS from shows Keith did in the Middle East for the troops!!!

“Keith Alberstadt’s “It’s Pronounced Jenkins” is as solid a stand-up comedy CD as they get.”
–Richard Lanoie, The Serious Comedy Site (Read the full review:

“‘It’s Pronounced ’Jenkins’ is a solid project from a comedian who’s got it all under control. Just sit back and let someone else drive for a bit.”
–Ed Placencia, Comedy Reviews (Read the full review:

And as always, the classic “One Night Stand”, featuring Keith’s older material, is still available too!

Thanks for the support!!

Keith Alberstadt - It's Pronounced "Jenkins"   It's Pronounced "Jenkins"

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Keith Alberstadt - One Night Stand   One Night Stand

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